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About us

The happy couple

Nathan and Jessica

We were married post-haste, post-Christmas Day. We love each other and we love our pets. We're nearly inseparable. 

Nathan at the ice castle the week before Super Bowl LII, Saint Paul MN

Nathan Thilgen

I can cook very well, mainly shepherd's pie and hot dish. One of my long time hobbies is playing guitar, I'm alright at it. I'm great with electronics and meddle with web design. I'm most well known for my fish keeping hobby that has blown up to huge proportions. I've had over ten tanks, including a 46 gallon and a 65 gallon I currently keep up on!  

Jessica Baudler

I love my husband and animals. I can name most dog breeds, and I know the majority of dogs around here by name. Nathan says my jokes about animals make him chuckle all day. 


Who could say no to a face like this?

Hello, I'm Falkor! I'm a black lab puppy! Nathan and Jessica adopted me at the Humane Society. My favorite things are, laying down and relaxing, chewing everything (including you, on accident), eating treats and food, waking my Mom and Dad with warm kisses, and going for walks.

In my bed (Don't make me get up)

I'll play with you when I'm finished relaxing from that walk you took me on.

Do the Dew

I'm Pepadu, and I'm awesome!

I'm a 1 year old angel fish. I'm quirky, I have a vacant stare, and I'm unique!

I'm cute.

I love attention. My mannerisms will make you laugh. Don't make me back away slowly or go full sideways on you!

I'm advanced.

I've already had over 1,200 babies. Aimee and I are happily married and she's my favorite!

Aimeelicious def

I'm a sweetheart!

My favorite food is Tetramin. I'm not that shy and will come up and check you out.

I love exploring!

When I'm not laying ergs and eating Tetramin, I'm exploring new things in my underwater playground.

I'm adorable!

Pepadu and I've made 1,200 babies and counting. I like to swim inside the castle in my aquarium and out the other side.

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